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GAMA Foundation Fact Sheet

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Funding Research-Based Solutions for Leadership Success


The GAMA Foundation provides unique, highly practical resources to ensure lifelong success for field leaders. Our research studies focus on critical aspects of field leader responsibility, pinpointing what high-performing organizations do that differentiates them from their lower-performing peers.

Since 1990, the GAMA Foundation has funded 16 major research studies whose topics include: recruiting and selecting new advisors, launching new advisors, retaining successful advisors, launching new managers, effective coaching and mentoring practices, local marketing techniques, building successful advisor teams, developing strong leadership teams, and more.

How to Get Involved

There are two great ways to get involved with the GAMA Foundation.

  • Become a contributor. Your contribution helps the Foundation continue to provide you and your colleagues with valuable resources and practical tools to increase your productivity and success.
  • Become an Ambassador. As a company Ambassador, you will be an integral part of our educational and fundraising efforts by keeping your peers updated on the GAMA Foundation’s research and programs and by demonstrating your support of the Foundation’s mission and activities.

Why Should I Contribute?

The insurance and financial services industry serves a great public good, and field leaders are the linchpins who ensure that this public good will continue to occur. But our society and our industry are experiencing rapid changes, and field leaders need proven, fact-based resources to understand how and where they need to change as well.

The GAMA Foundation relies on the generosity of its contributors to provide the highly targeted, cutting edge research that helps field leaders like you succeed in today’s rapidly changing world.

We receive no funding from GAMA International. The GAMA Foundation relies solely on the voluntary contributions of individual field leaders like you.

Please give today to help us continue our research program. As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, all contributions to the GAMA Foundation are deductible under U.S. tax laws.

Contributor Recognition

  • GAMA International Journal
  • The GAMA Foundation Annual Report to Investors
  • Lapel Pin indicating pledge level
  • GAMA Foundation contributor reception at the LAMP conference

Contributor Pledge Terms

Contributors select a pledge level for their total contribution commitment and make annual pledge payments over a period of time, typically ten years. Other timeframes may be selected, but they may not exceed ten years.

How to Contribute

Call 571-499-4308


Click Here to Contribute

All contributions are deductible under U.S. tax laws.

 Research Studies and Training Tools

eBook Series (2015, 2016)
– Recruiting Through Social Media
Recruiting Women to the Advisor Career
Recruiting Through Community Involvement

Attracting the Right People (2015)

With Change Management Solutions + Signature I, LLC and Trend Spot Consulting

Firm 2020 (2013)

The forces and opportunities shaping the financial services firm of the future

With Green Consulting Group LLC

Elements of Leadership: Achieving Excellence in Frontline Management (2010)

A structured program for agency leaders and firms to successfully launch new frontline leaders (sales managers)

With Executive KnowledgeWorks

Building Top Performers: Best Practices in Mentoring and Coaching (2011)

Benchmarking data and best practices of top performers in insurance and financial services

Building High-Performance Leadership Teams (2009)

Proven strategies to create leadership team synergy and superior results

With HayGroup

Building High-Performance Adviser Teams (2008)

A management toolkit for creating successful producer (sales and service) teams

With LIMRA International

Reaching the Right People: Marketing Locally for Maximum Impact (2007)

A management toolkit for developing successful firm-level marketing practices in the local community

With The University Team

Finding the Right People (2006)

A management toolkit for developing recruiting and selection methods based upon the practices of highly successful agencies and firms

Keeping the Right People (2005)

A management toolkit for building a culture that successfully retains highly productive agents and advisors

Building the Right People (2004)

A management toolkit for building a culture that successfully launches new agents and advisors in the industry