GAMA Foundation Ambassadors are an integral part of our fundraising efforts.  Their job is to help communicate the importance of the Foundation's research in building individual agencies and firms, and our collective profession.  Ambassadors work in teams to promote the value of the GAMA Foundation’s research, to educate their company peers about upcoming projects and how to implement existing studies, to foster company participation in Foundation studies, and to encourage their peers to support the GAMA Foundation through pledges, annual giving and planned gifts.
The Ambassadors are key stakeholders in the Foundation, and participate in quarterly conference calls to receive key briefings on current research, to be updated on strategies and results, to share insight and ideas and to plan for future events.   Without the efforts of our ambassadors, the Foundation would not be able to continue to fund the groundbreaking research so critical to the ongoing success of our profession.  Ambassadors are recognized at the annual LAMP meeting, in the GAMA International Journal and in our Annual Report.