The following individuals have included the GAMA Foundation in their charitable estate plans, through a gift from their will or trust, a gift of life insurance, or a gift or assignment of qualified retirement plan assets leaves a lasting legacy for the profession.  

$50,000 Level

Jeffrey Dollarhide, CLU ChFC CFP*
Robert B. Sathe, CLU ChFC

$25,000 Level

Robert J. Fashano, M.S.F.S., CLU ChFC*
Randall Raner

$20,000 Level

L. Karsten Lundring, CLU ChFC CFP FIC*

$15,000 Level

William W. Horn, CLU ChFC
John E. Natoli, CLU ChFC CFP CLF*
Thomas J. O’Haren, CLU ChFC AEP (deceased)

Founders Level

Burritt B. Anderson, Jr., CLU ChFC
Daniel W. Anderson, CLU ChFC
Paul F. Blanco, LUTCF
Roger C. Boeger, CLU
Conkling Buckley, Jr., CLU ChFC FLMI
Herbert L. Cheskis, CLU
Richard T. Cleary, CLTC LUTCF*
William S. Cochran, CLU CLF (deceased)
R. Michael Condrey, CLU ChFC CFP*
Quincy M. Crawford, CLU
C. Richard Dobson, CLU
Howard J. Elias*
Harry P. Hoopis, CLU ChFC*
Arthur D. Kraus, CLU ChFC
James Krueger, M.S.F.S., CLU (deceased)
Richard R. McCloskey, CLU ChFC CFP
James G. Morgan, Jr., CLU RHU
James J. Person, CLU ChFC CFP RHU
Cy A. Pick, CLU ChFC FIC
William D. Pollakov, CLU ChFC
Phillip C. Richards, CLU CFP RHU*
Robert C. Savage, CLU ChFC*
Paul Shevlin, M.S.F.S., CLU
Gary L. Simpson, CLU ChFC
Charles A. Smith, CLU ChFC (deceased)
Samuel Yung

*The Foundation's Legacy Society recognizes those who have given a total of $100,000 or move through pledges, or a combination of planned giving and pledges.