The financial services landscape is changing in dramatic ways. Broad economic, demographic, and sociological trends are transforming what our clients and prospective clients demand, and the GAMA Foundation has an imperative to provide the profession with the tools and information it needs to transform in pace with these changes.  Our future-focused research uses a detailed, future scanning process to ensure that field leaders have the vision and the pathway to navigate this changing landscape.
Firm 2020
Firm 2020 explores significant economic and cultural drivers that will greatly affect insurance agencies and financial services firms over the next five to seven years and consists of two studies. The first , The Market of the Future, examines the firm’s challenges and opportunities based on economic, demographic, and sociological trends that will transform client demands.  It examines changes in the needs of current and prospective clients that will greatly influence the types of products and services that competitive firms should offer and follows these impacts up the supply chain to the insurance and financial services industry. The second, The Firm of the Future, examines the firm’s challenges and opportunities from a cultural and environmental perspective and looks at six significant change drivers that will require action on the part of field leaders in order to succeed, and the major dimensions of the future that you as a leader can influence. 
Advisor 2020
A partner to Firm 2020, Advisor 2020 provides a comprehensive guide for advisors to begin today to master the brave new world of 2020.  It addresses the important trends and challenges presented in Firm 2020, but from the advisor's perspective.  It drills down into the issues, such as sales and support teams, which are especially critical to advisors and their practices as they look to thrive in the future.