Creating a High Impact Recruiting Culture  

The GAMA Foundation has funded and produced many research projects on best practices in recruiting and selection. This report is a compilation of the key findings from those studies. We’ve updated the research and included the most pertinent information in Creating a High-Impact Recruiting Culture. Throughout the report, you will find strategies and tools from top-performing field leaders as well as questions that you can use to lead discussions with your team.

This study provides an in-depth look at the three best practices for creating a high-impact recruiting culture identified in the 2018 Building a High-Performance Business research. By applying these practices in your agency or firm, you can create a culture where everyone is focused on activities that bring in the strongest candidate and actively engaged in helping the organization grow.

 Recruiting and Selection Best Practices that Drive High Performance

  1. Cultivate a recruiting mindset in your agency or firm.
  2. Focus on warm-source recruiting.
  3. Apply a rigorous and consistent approach to selection.

Download the eBook, Creating a High-Impact Recruiting Culture  and get started today.  This eBook is complimentary through the generosity of the GAMA Foundation's donors.