Recruiting and Selection is the lifeblood of any organization.  And with statistics that show it can cost as much as $250,000 and countless hours for field leaders to recruit, hire and train a single advisor, the business case for enhancing an organization's recruiting and selection practices is clear.  The GAMA Foundation helps identify how top performing field leaders identify, attract, recruit and select the individuals that will become their organizations' top performers and provides the insight and information field leaders need to adjust to shifts in demographics and culture and create recruiting and selection systems that will succeed with tomorrow's industry leaders, including women, career changers, and millennials.

In addition to the major studies listed below, the GAMA Foundation has created the following resources on recruiting & selection:


Creating a High Impact Recruiting Culture 

This study provides an in-depth look at the three best practices for creating a high-impact recruiting culture identified in the 2018 Building a High-Performance Business research. By applying these practices in your agency or firm, you can create a culture where everyone is focused on activities that bring in the strongest candidate and actively engaged in helping the organization grow.

Attracting the Right People
The financial advisor career is an amazing opportunity for the right people. But many individuals who could thrive in this profession do not so much as want to have a conversation about it.  Attracting the Right People gets to the heart of the premises on which the industry’s attraction and recruitment programs are built and provides unflinching data on what really matters in attracting people who match the interests, drivers, and motivations of today’s top performers. Indeed, what the study found is that some of the industry's traditional messaging was most likely to repel the people who were must likely to be successful.  Learn how to reshape your recruiting message in terms most likely to resonate with tomorrow's top performers including women, millennial and career changers.

Recruiting through Community Involvement (eBook- Free!)
Recruiting is a 24/7 endeavor, and community involvement can only enhance that initiative.  This book presents ideas, tips, and advice from field and corporate leaders who are successfully integrating social and community involvement into their recruiting programs.  It delves into various ways to connect with your community and builds upon strategies for success.

Recruiting through Social Media (eBook- Free!)
The use of social media during the recruiting process has become critical and LinkedIn has become today’s preferred recruiting platform. This book presents ideas, tips, and advice from field and corporate leaders who are successfully integrating social media into their recruiting programs including what platforms are being used, who manages the process, and what types of content is being shared. This book also includes a social media primer for those who would like to review the fundamentals.
Recruiting Women to the Advisor Career (eBook- Free!)
Women in the United States represent a major source of purchasing power and a revenue-generating opportunity for the financial industry yet the percentage of women financial advisors hovers around 30 percent — and has barely moved since 2005. In many firms, women represent fewer than 25 percent of total advisors, the threshold at which the U.S. Department of Labor officially designates an industry or occupation as “male dominated.” This book presents ideas, tips, and advice from field and corporate leaders who are successfully integrating strategies to attract and retain women into their firms and organizations.