Firms with sales teams are more likely to rank in the top 10 or 25 percent of their company than firms without; and firms with teams report better recruiting with better retention.  It's no surprise that in today's increasing complex world, successful field organizations are evolving toward team-oriented sales models.  And, as they do so, are finding increasing benefits in client satisfaction, their ability to attract and retain advisors, and productivity.  The Foundation's research on Teams helps field leaders understand and navigate this changing landscape.


The Power of Teams

The industry is in the formative stages of engineering a new generation of teams that moves far beyond the familiar joint-work model in place in many organizations today.  To help you decide if this new form of teams is right for your organization, this guidebook includes lessons learned from those advancing rapidly in these new models of teaming, and obstacles preventing successful transition to teams. To guide you in your teaming journey, each chapter includes: Teams in Practice (TIPS) section featuring interviews with leaders who are using teams in unique and innovative ways; debrief and strategy questions to help you develop your own strategy to launch and support teams; and team resources from experienced leaders including examples, assessments and tools you can use immediately with your teams.

Building High Performance Leadership Teams
Teamwork starts at the top.  While traditionally, most firms have cultivated an entrepreneurial environment, successful agencies and firms today find that there is no substitute for team-oriented leadership culture.  With Building High-Performance Leadership Teams, field leaders learn to create effective, harmonious leadership teams, develop clear personal and professional visions, goals and performance expectations; build trust in each other and confidence in decisions; and create a culture of exceptional performance.
Building High Performance Adviser Teams

In today's increasingly complex world, successful field organizations are evolving toward team-oriented sales models.  There are many different models for adviser teams - but also many common lessons across those models.  A pre-cursor to the more recent Power of Teams study, Building High Performance Advisor Teams shares these important examples of team models from top-performing firms.  Through this study, field leaders learn to organize teams, set expectations, tract team performance, manage team membership and lead in a team environment.  The strategies and processes in the study are equally valuable to field leaders looking to create new teams and to field leaders who want to enhance the performance of existing teams.