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Recruiting through Community Involvement
Recruiting is a 24/7 endeavor, and community involvement can only enhance that initiative. This book presents ideas, tips, and advice from field and corporate leaders who are successfully integrating social and community involvement into their recruiting programs. It delves into various ways to connect with your community and builds upon strategies for success.

Recruiting through Social Media

The use of social media during the recruiting process has become critical and LinkedIn has become today’s preferred recruiting platform. This book presents ideas, tips, and advice from field and corporate leaders who are successfully integrating social media into their recruiting programs including what platforms are being used, who manages the process, and what types of content is being shared. This book also includes a social media primer for those who would like to review the fundamentals.

Recruiting Women to the Advisor Career
Women in the United States represent a major source of purchasing power and a revenue-generating opportunity for the financial industry yet the percentage of women financial advisors hovers around 30 percent — and has barely moved since 2005. In many firms, women represent fewer than 25 percent of total advisors, the threshold at which the U.S. Department of Labor officially designates an industry or occupation as “male dominated.” This book presents ideas, tips, and advice from field and corporate leaders who are successfully integrating strategies to attract and retain women into their firms and organizations.

Focusing New Advisors on Revenue-Producing Activities

If you sometimes feel as if your agency has a revolving door — with new agents entering while others are leaving — you have plenty of company. According to LIMRA’s, Compensation, Production, and Retention of Multi-Line Exclusive Agents Study, the four-year retention rate for multiline agents in 2014 was 43 percent. This turnover comes at a cost, both economic and cultural. This book explores a five-step strategy for getting and keeping new advisors on track to build a strong practice from day one, to slow that revolving door and boost retention for the long term.  Available in financial services and traditional life and multiline versions.

Creating a Culture of Passion and Purpose

This eBook identifies how field leaders create a culture of passion and purpose in their agencies and firms, how they communicate that culture to candidates and how they help new advisors discover their own passion for this profession.

Succession Planning as a RetenSuccession Planning as a Retention Tool tion Tool  
Succession planning may seem an unlikely topic for an eBook on retention - in one you are transitioning people out of the business, and in the other, you are working to keep them in it.  But time and time again, leaders in our study emphasized succession planning as a key part of their retention strategy.  This eBook provides information in six steps to help guide your business through the succession planning process.
Leading Change: Leading Yourself  

Before you can harness the innovation and tame the disruption that change creates, you first need to become a champion of change on a personal level.  This eBook identifies how field leaders can learn to better navigate the constant change in the financial services industry.

Leading Change: Leading Others   

As a leader, you are the key to the successful implementation of change initiatives.  You are responsible for anticipating, navigating, embracing, communicating, leading and measuring the effects of change.  In this eBook, we identify steps to help you lead and navigate your team through the constant change that our industry is experiencing.