The GAMA Foundation provides unique, highly practical resources to ensure lifelong success for field leaders.  Our research is conducted by independent third-party organizations, and is funded by field leaders, for field leaders, which means it is developed free of any single company or system bias.  We look beyond what works for one person to find the consistent practices that define high performers across the profession.  And, we provide the volume of insight so that you can drill down to specific solutions for your market. Since 1990, the GAMA Foundation has funded 18 major research studies, and our research agenda can be broken into three major areas:

The Now:

This series focus on current best practices that differentiate top performing field leaders, and provide the building blocks for organizational success.  Studies include  Finding the Right People; Building the Right People; Keeping the Right People; Building Top Performers:  Best Practices in Coaching and Mentoring; and our popular eBook series.

The New:

 These studies look beyond current practice to identify new strategies needed to transform agencies so they can compete in a changing world.  Studies in this series include:  A Study of Leadership Competencies; Attracting the Right People; The Power of Teams.

The Next:

These studies look outside the industry to identify the markets, demographic and economic forces that will impact the industry's future, and provide field leaders with the vision needed to thrive in that new world.  Studies in this series include Firm 2020; Advisor 2020.

We know field leaders aren't academics, so, while our research is conducted with the complete rigor and depth of study that one would expect of a major research initiative, we make sure that the results are delivered in practical, action-oriented language, complete with models, tips from field leaders, planning tools and discussion guidelines to allow field leaders the tools and resources needed to put these findings into practice immediately.