Ambassador Commitment  

As a GAMA Foundation Ambassador, you are an integral part of our fundraising efforts.  Your job is to help communicate the importance of the GAMA Foundation’s research and education in building our individual agencies and our collective industry.  Without your efforts, we will not be able to continue to fund the groundbreaking research so essential to the ensuring the ongoing success of our industry.   Ambassadors work in teams to promote the value of the GAMA Foundation’s research, to educate their company peers about upcoming projects and how to implement existing studies, and to encourage the field leaders within their company to support the GAMA Foundation through pledges.   Ambassadors are asked to complete the following activities:   Actively engage in at least one of the following Fundraising Activities. Give a presentation at your company manager’s meeting. Make individual phone calls and send letters to promote the Foundation to your peers. Follow-up on unpaid pledges to prevent lapses. Participate in LAMP fundraising activities. Give a presentation at your company dinner/reception. Participate in fundraising outside the General Session and at the resource center booth.   Strive for 100% participation from fellow managers within your company. Working as a team with your fellow Ambassadors from your company, actively strive to have all managers participate in the Foundation. Serve as a company communicator/information scout. Offer on-going communication on the Foundation’s research and programs to your company peers. Serve as a talent scout for future Foundation leaders from your company. Keep Foundation updated on your field management roster and management meetings.   Support the mission and activities of the GAMA Foundation.  Make your own pledge at an exemplary level.